5 Kitchen Organization Projects You Can Knock Out In a Weekend

Are you looking to do something fun with some additional time this weekend, and keen to earn more money by undertaking a home project you'll like every day? You should begin with the kitchen. You will have one of the easiest projects to finish, and it will need minimal time and money.

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Make full use of your cabinet doors

I was amazed to receive several “Why didn't I think of that?” responses after posting a short Instagram video of my potholder hanging with Command strips on the back of a cabinet door. You'd think it was clear, wouldn't you?
Cabinet doors are usually overlooked since they are so accessible, but they may be reorganized into an effective organizing hack in a few minutes.
Potholders, oven mitts, and dish cloths all make better use of hooks. To add extra cleaning supply storage, put short shelves beneath under-the-sink cabinet doors, and install a pegboard above the door handles. The choices are endless—as long as you keep the objects compact and flat-ish. 

Check that the doors still close with the shelves inside the cabinet before you make any permanent adjustments on the rear of the cabinet doors.

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Decant Your Spices Into Matching Jars

Organized spice rack.

Want to feel big and responsible? A good match of jars is always the solution. Anything and everything looks better in a glass jar, whether it's grains, nuts, spices, or anything else.

Also, I've seen many decanted spice jars on Instagram and blogs recently, and these are absolutely the peak of kitchen organizing right now. To avoid seeing another friend label their spices with beautiful handwritten labels, try scrolling through your stream without touching another page.

To join the ranks of expert spice aficionados, what's the first thing you should do? First, look through your spice jars to locate all of your spices. Once all the duplicate bottles of coriander have been consolidated, Discard that months-old garlic powder, as it is useless. Once you've transferred your spices into glass jars, the following step is simple: simply decant the finished product into the jars. Alternatively, if you like hand lettering, you may use pre-written labels or hand-letter your own. Your spices will encourage you to cook if you follow a few simple procedures.

25pcs 4oz Glass Spice Jars Spice Bottles
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Add Riser Shelves for Dishes and Glasses

Look in your kitchen cupboard and see if anything looks amiss. While you may have your pans rising by 4 inches, you also have unused area that's 6 inches tall. And yes, I just took out a tape measure for accuracy's sake. Check to see if your glassware is clean and free of dirt. It is highly probable that you will uncover unclaimed or underutilized space when you open every cabinet door.

To increase the cabinet area, you need to install a riser shelf. Salad plates don't have to be stacked, and plates for glasses and bowls do not have to be layered. Every item will be sorted and unloaded from the dishwasher without causing the board game Jenga to fall apart.

Stacking Cabinet Shelf Rack
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Create a Designated Coffee and Tea Drawer

at home coffee bar ideas

In the kitchen, an orderly coffee and tea station in a drawer will get you off to a cheerful, energetic start every morning. It provides me great delight whenever I open the drawer, and this was one of my first creations.

When you start, choose a drawer near your coffee machine to clean out. Once you've invested in the proper organizing components, think about how you'll organize your tea bags and coffee accessories. For tea bags, I found long, thin organizers to be the most effective, and for coffees like a milk frother and espresso machine accessories, I used square organizers.

My personal products I store in the drawer include coffee grounds, a milk foaming pitcher, and measurement equipment. Hidden out of sight, carefully arranged, it's a one-stop coffee shop.

Wooden Tea Box
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Turn an Empty Drawer Into a Produce Storage Bin

If you have an abundance of storage cabinet space, then you may want to check into getting a produce storage bin. Many home cooks have the goal of creating a specific place for fruits and vegetables that does not have to be refrigerated, but it must look elegant displayed in the fruit bowl.

Using empty, deep drawers and perforated baskets is all you need to get rid of the moisture from apples, onions, and potatoes, creating a home that is perfect for long-term storage.

As we're only asking to come over to observe your exceptionally neat kitchen, please feel free to accept.

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