3 Tips To Organize Your Spices Once And For All

I like order and things that are attractive, but the spice rack was never on my to-do list since there was always something more urgent to accomplish.

Then, the year 2020 occurred. I had already done the larger cleaning and organizing chores, so I saw an Instagram post of an influencer who was lovingly talking about her spice rack. Now was the time to begin. Having conducted a little of study and given it a lot of consideration, I was able to create a working and beautiful system. The identical procedure is shown below:

Collect What You Already Have and Need

Spices have an expiry date, no matter how long you keep them. It's not toxic; they're simply weaker, and the flavor of your meal is affected. Whole spices (peppercorns) are said to last around 3 years, and powdered spices (cumin, paprika, chili powder) are said to last about 2. The shelf life of herbs like basil, oregano, and rosemary ranges from 1 to 3 years.

It was shocking to see how many expired spices I had in my cabinet. I also only utilized a handful of my own creations, such "poultry seasoning" or "taco mix." Some of these I acquired because they were an incredible bargain. Many of the packages had never even been opened. The other was for a specific dish I prepared for a get-together, and I never used it again. Duplicates were also found.

It gave me a long-term vision so that I could determine which items were necessities (e.g., the Everything But The Bagel seasoning would not be going anywhere) and which items could be disposed of. Do not retain any of the spices you're dubious of; instead, keep the most regularly used ones. It's best to shop the bulk aisle and obtain exactly the quantity you need for cooking one-off dishes instead than buying a complete jar that merely gathers dust afterwards.

Think About Where You'll Be Sitting

At one time, our spices were situated at the bottom of our pantry, closely packed together. When I learned there was a better location for it in a nearby cabinet, I decided to install it there. Furthermore, the shelf was at eye level, which is important when cooking. Because heat may ruin spices, I didn't pick a cabinet near our stove.) Ideally, a cold, dry, dark location is required. My first apartment didn't have much in the way of storage space. I have very sensitive refrigerators, and magnetic spice canisters that clung to it saved me time and hassle.

A rollaway cart can also be placed behind a door, in a drawer, or behind a curtain, in a “hidden” location. Area is always different, so make an effort to figure out and think about how you function in your own space.

Next, use the wide array of organizing solutions available, such as accordion-style racks, lazy Susans, and risers. We eventually selected this tiered organizer with drawers, which is what is seen in the slideshow. The tray on top lets you add more spices or oils, and it can store up to 30 jars. No need to search for the right spot; everything has a designated location. It's a traditional design that looks good on a countertop, fitting in with various designs.

The importance of a well-designed label cannot be underestimated.

One of the tiniest things made the largest effect for me. After that, I ordered a funnel and jars from Amazon (this set comes with labels, but I was influenced by the aforementioned influencer to snag these chic minimalist labels off Etsy). Next, I went about combining all of my spices into one large collection, separating them based on their brand and size, before bringing the collection together to create a beautiful, well-organized collection.

It may not have been the most significant step in my life, but it's definitely made me the happiest. It's made finding the things I'm looking for easier, which has increased my desire to create new dishes. Also, they fit well in with my kitchen just like they do on social media.

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