Why Do You Want to Be Rich?

All of us might have the desire to make millions of dollars but for it to work, you have to have a compelling motive.

I'm constantly asked, "How do I get rich?". And as always, I tell them that wealth is gained by asking for the financial brilliance that we all possess.

Each of us has a financial genius that is asleep and will only come to life when we provide the necessary stimulus. Our culture has trained us into thinking the incorrect ideas about money, thus money is unable to keep itself awake. Because we are conditioned to view ourselves as workers and labor for money, rather than viewing ourselves as entrepreneurs and investors and owning our own money, we are frequently reluctant to put ourselves out there. For some, having a secure financial future is no longer a priority, since the government or a corporation will take care of it for them.

Every time we are told to work hard, get a pay raise, save money, and then get more money by borrowing, we are learning money messages from an early age. The unfortunate truth is that nearly all Western countries subscribe to the aforementioned belief, as doing so is simpler than pursuing your own interests and building your own riches.

Teaching your children to see the world as if they were affluent

I have two examples of how to think about money as a child.

After learning the information from above, my poor dad thought that my message meant to follow these four simple steps: go to school, acquire a decent job, purchase a house, and then put some money into a portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. I'd call these the ancient ways of handling money.

I was lucky since I had a wealthy dad as well as my best friend's dad. He changed his perspective on money. He believed in minding your own business, which is the concept of creating your own business and making money work for you, rather than starting a business to earn money work for you.

I became familiar with how to think about money as a company or investment thanks to my affluent dad. I knew I was different from other kids because of this. Actually, when I was nine, I launched my first company by renting out discarded comic books.

Education perspectives caused the fundamental gap between my affluent dad and my impoverished dad. Academic and professional education was a recurring issue in my father's life. I suppose my affluent dad put an emphasis on financial education.

While I admired and respected my impoverished father, who was both well educated and quite successful in his chosen field, I felt in my heart that I wanted to take a different path. In my younger years, I learned many valuable lessons from my affluent dad.

His money lessons I learned included:

  • To understand a financial statement, we must read between the lines.
  • An asset is something you own, whereas a liability is something you owe.
  • Discovering new methods to make money from thin air
  • to what extent your money is taken (legally)
  • How to discover talented individuals

A major lesson dad imparted to me was that in order to be wealthy, I must have a purpose.

What drives you to be wealthy?

In other words, the vast majority of individuals desire to be affluent. Reality kicks in, though. They have discovered that it is a huge amount of labor to be affluent. There is no shortcut to wealth. Caught between these hurdles, they choose the path of least resistance—taking a job and entrusting their money to a broker.

Even among those who do not choose the easy road, there are others who will not give up on their dreams. Others have had drastically varying levels of success. It is only those that succeed that make things different from others. The solution is discovered through analysis.

A lady who had dreamed of swimming in the Olympics once met me. In order to swim for three hours before school every morning, she gets up at 4:00 A.M. She had little interest in parties where she was not the center of attention. She focused on swimming and schooling as her life's core elements. I inquired as to her motivation, "What keeps you going?" She had a great response.

The fact that I'm doing it for myself and the people I love is the reason I do it. It's the love that helps me get through the challenges and make sacrifices. Her cause for existing had been found.

If you want to be wealthy, you should: Figure out what you want and what you don't want

A good reason might be characterized as a blend of desires and dislikes. My primary motivation for achieving financial success was based on my wants and desires.

I'm not interested in spending the rest of my life in a job. I want something completely different. My parents wanted me to achieve job stability and a house in the suburbs, but I want to live a completely different life. I'm not looking for employment. I don't want to neglect the people who are important to me because I am always worried about having enough money. At the end of my life, I don't want to leave nothing behind.

I created my needs because of the "don't wants" listed above.

I want to explore the world and live the lifestyle I adore without any constraints. I want to accomplish this while I'm still young. I want to be financially free. I desire autonomy over my time and my life. I want money to work for me so I may have more leisure time.

Knowing the reasons behind your goal of being wealthy is only half the battle.

For me, my motives are psychological and deeply ingrained. Tell me what you've got.

The hard road ahead may be more difficult than your reasons for being rich, therefore if they are not strong enough, the reality of that hard path might be much more challenging. I've experienced several obstacles on my journey to wealth. Many agreements have fallen through because I've lost a lot of money. I had always intended to be financially free by age 40, but it took me 47 years to do it, and this included plenty of new learning experiences. But even though it was difficult, my motivations helped pull me through.

Today is the day to uncover your own motivation for accumulating wealth. See what your "don't wants" are, and then see what your "wants" are. The most important part of having a good reason is making sure your reason is powerful and steadfast. I promise that if you discover the appropriate motivation, you will be able to find a method to get wealthy. All of this begins with you.

That is just half the problem, though. It is necessary to show up every day, even when things do not go as planned. Success doesn't happen by chance. You may be able to achieve your ambitions if you have a sound motivation for wanting to be wealthy and if you are ready to put in the hard effort.

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